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    international cargo transportation

    International transport of goods refers to the transport of goods between the state and the state, the state and the region. International transport of goods includes transportation of international trade materials and international non trade materials

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    International express insurance claim process

    It is one of the best ways to prevent or reduce the risk of international express by the international express insurance premium and the transfer of risk in advance. The daily international express service is favored by the customers. But when international express really loses money, not every customer can understand the international express insurance claim process, nor do we know what documents need to be provided.

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    Attention to international express parcels

    Attention to international express parcels

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    International EMS express choice channel

    International express, EMS express, which has a relatively low price, perfect network coverage and excellent service, has a high market share in the domestic electricity supplier. It is the only choice for international electricity providers to choose international express. Professional agency out of Guangzhou EMS, Hunan EMS, China Post EMS and so on

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    UPS international express query, UPS is traced through reference code

    Now a lot of by Hongkong UPS express by reference to track the encoding can query, enter the UPS Express query page does not need to change any settings input number can query, go on the upper right corner of a single input word with 10 digit number please the proxy account queries

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    How do international express and international express avoid customs clearance and customs duties

    In the international business, there are many channels to carry out the delivery, the choice of customers is very rich, but the need to face a problem of a problem of tariff. Each country will vary in terms of the amount, charge and handling of customs duties. The specific operational recommendations we give to customers will be determined according to the specific circumstances of each country.